What to Know Before You Become a Life Coach

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Life coaching has become a modern approach to achieving one’s life goals. Today’s lifestyles, challenges, and stressors pose more harm than good, and anyone looking to look beyond these distractions often needs a little help. Many people consider life coaches to be exorbitant agony aunts, while others perceive them as unnecessary expenses incurred by the proverbial ‘rich.’ However, this could not be further from the truth.

Who is a life coach?

If you would like to build a career hinged on assisting people to reach their life goals, then becoming a life coach is the best option. The US’s personal coaching industry is worth $1 billion, which is impressive. Before you make the big decision to focus your efforts, funds, and mental energy into obtaining the requisite life coach training, you need to have a full understanding of who a life coach is.

A life coach is a professional who helps you to clearly identify your goals and develop smart goals to achieve them. Life coaches are trained to guide you in maximizing your full potentials and obtain your desired outcomes.

How does a life coach work?

Many people confuse a life coach with a counselor or therapist. All three will offer expert advice concerning your life. However, a therapist will delve deep into your mental health history and help you overcome or handle any observed issues, while the life coach assists with the accomplishment of specific professional projects. As a life coach will help you develop by identifying limiting perceptions and tendencies that act as obstacles and help you devise an actionable plan to overcome them. As a life coach, you will establish a beneficial relationship with clients that will facilitate:

·      Clarifying and creating a vision for what a client intends to achieve

·      The use of your expertise to modify goals as time goes by

·      Encouraging client’s self-awareness and discovery

·      Promoting accountability to ensure productivity and results are achieved

Who needs a life coach’s services?

As with top performers in Olympics and other major sporting events, a coach is required to support and guide high functioning individuals get to the point of self-actualization. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, leading entrepreneurs, inventors, professors, and other high flying individuals often need a coach.

As a life coach, your clients will often come to you while living way below their potential. Your job will be to encourage and push them to overcome the barriers and often inaccurate perceptions that hold them back. You will be able to help your clients with every dimension of either their personal or professional life.

Many clients that will seek your expertise will be experiencing a period of stunted growth or plateau in their professional and personal lives. Many will agree that getting stuck in a bland, lifeless routine can be incredibly draining. As a life coach, you will guide them in identifying areas that can be changed or removed to restore excitement in life.

Other clients seek out life coaches because their personal relationships (marriages, families, etc.) are in turmoil, and a non-partisan expert may help to save the troubled relationship.  Other clients may need someone to help them transition into a life abroad, in taking up a new healthier hobby or stopping a detrimental one.

How to become a life coach

If you are convinced that you want to be a life coach, then you need to set a plan in motion to help you become a Certified Life Coach. Coaching is a complex field that will involve helping individuals with their own set ideas and thoughts abandon them for new ones. To become an effective life coach, consider using this reliable 4-step action plan to build a robust career:

Pick a Niche

Each individual’s life has plenty of dimensions, and you need to pica niche to ensure that you serve your clients amply. Moreover, with a chosen niche, you will market your services and tailor your programs accordingly to reach your target clientele. Some of the areas on which you may specialize in include:

·      Business/ entrepreneurship

·      Academic excellence

·      Romantic relationships and marriage

·      Spirituality

·      Health and wellness

·      Work-life balance

·      Weight loss

Sign up for a training program

Life coaching will not be a walk in the park, and the job of assisting people to achieve their full potential is a massive responsibility. Signing up for a life coach training program will give you vital knowledge and skills, which include:

·      Coaching assessment to get clients’ needs

·      Basic principles in psychology

·      Ethical and legal issues in coaching

·      Communication skills

Various programs exist to offer you the degree of flexibility that you need. Be sure to select an industry-accredited program, for instance, courses accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Get your credentials

If you already have a degree or diploma in a relevant field, obtaining a life coach certification is vital in getting the trust of your clients. Credentials are offered by associations like International Coach Federation and International Association of Coaching to certify that your level of expertise is up to par. The International Coach Federation certification is offered after 500 hours of practice, with 450 of these expected to be paid with 25 clients. You will also have to pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment that will test your understanding of concepts such as ethical guidelines, accountability, and goal setting.

Get your business up and running

To run your life coach business effectively, you will need to register your business as an LLC or Sole Proprietorship to get the necessary local and state licenses. Getting business insurance is also helpful in maintaining client trust. In this phase, you will need to market your business aggressively through avenues like social media and attending industry-related events to pool new clients.


A life coach’s career is highly fulfilling and challenging. Thanks to you, a whole lot of individuals will get to experience the joy of a full life. Put in the hard work and consistency, and soon, you will have a great life coach career.

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