User Experience: It Matters When Selecting an E-Commerce Platform

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Take it this way: you visit an in-store in your town. When you approach the shelves, you find disorganized products. Cosmetics and foodstuffs are on the same shelf and not arranged in a particular way. The attendants do not have any information on where you can locate a given item. Would you leave with a smile or you will walk out disappointed swearing never to come back in future? Now,  the same applies to your online store.

Your e-commerce website builder has a role to play in enhancing your user experience. How your customers feel determines whether they will visit your store again or not. Here are the awesome 4 reasons why you need to pay attention to UX when choosing an e-commerce platform:

Customer attraction

As a webpreneur, your ability to attract a massive number of customers and online visitors determines your earnings. If you convince a few customers, you cannot expect to earn million dollars. One point of customer attraction is the user experience. How a visitor feels about the first encounter with your website will determine their next course of action. If you are running a well-designed and easy to navigate website, the splendid user experience will be your results. The opposite is also true.

A disorganized and hard to navigate site will bar visitors. Hence, when considering an e-commerce website builder, it is essential to give a close eye on the features provided to determine whether they will help you create a great user experience or not. For instance, an e-commerce platform that allows you to upload videos is a good example. Videos will attract a large following as they offer the visitors an opportunity to grab essential information within a short duration.

A crucial part of the purchase decision

Apart from the product quality and prices, the user experience is fundamental in making a purchase decision. You might be offering the best prices and high-quality products in your niche but if the experience of your customer does not tally with your offers, making a sale will remain as a wish.  How you make your visitors feel immediately they log on to your site is equivalent to the number of sales you will make.

As you might be aware, business is all about emotions. If your customers are happy with your site more sales will come your way. If they are not, you do not need to think harder as sales will only be a desire. With this in mind, it is recommendable to ensure your e-commerce website builder of choice enables you to achieve a topnotch user experience.

Determines your web traffic and conversion rates

No one can deny that conversion rates and web traffic go hand in hand. However, you can be receiving high traffic and few conversions depending on the experience of your customers through your online store. Great user experience will always lead to more conversions than the opposite. Before deciding to use a particular e-commerce website builder, it is crucial to ensure it has the right features that will inspire your visitors. Otherwise, receiving conversions will be a dream that will never come to reality.

Loading speed is crucial

Your site loading speed is a critical aspect of giving a super user experience. The e-commerce platform you are using determines your site speed. If it does not allow you to configure and optimize your data for faster loading, it means that your site will have the poorest user experience due to slow loading speed. Hence, bouncing rates will be your rewards each day. To avoid this, always go for e-commerce web builders that harness your customer/user experience. Otherwise, always expect low visits and sales on your website.

Another important aspect of online sales is related to shipping. In the following article you will find the most relevant aspects.


Drop Shipping Has Made Selling Online Easier and Cheaper

For a long time, owning a business meant that you had to have a physical store, load it with merchandise and hope that scores of people would come through and buy. It also meant having a sizable team of staff equal to the size of your establishment.

Things have changed over the years. Now, you can own an online store in cyberspace, load it with images of actual goods, operate it without a single piece of inventory, sell across borders and all this with minimal staff, in some cases you are the only staff.  This is nothing short of remarkable. You can conduct retail business by leveraging on technology.

Some business owners who own a brick and mortar store have realized that there is much benefit in retaining a physical store but exploring the online selling avenue. As a result, they can move more inventories and build a strong brand presence that resonates with millennials.

Drop Shipping enables virtually anybody to operate an online store

Selling online sometimes can beat logic, and some business owners are yet to come to grasp with how it is possible to sell across borders from an online store without actually having to buy inventory upfront and not spend on shipping. Well, this marvel of the 21st century is called drop shipping. Drop shipping is the online business model that has enabled most ordinary people to operate an online store at little cost.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

A business owner would need to have an online store that supports drop shipping technology. Having an online store on an e-commerce platform such as Shopify would ensure that you can take advantage of the drop shipping model of business.

You would then need to identify suppliers who accommodate drop shipping. This means you can sell their products on your online store without having to keep a physical inventory and the cost that goes with it.

When customers buy the products from your online store all you have to do is inform your supplier of the sale and address of the customer. This process can be automated. The supplier then proceeds to  ship the product directly to the customer’s address.


This is a great model for operating a business at a low cost. The supplier would provide the goods at a lesser price, and you would sell at a higher price and keep the difference. This is a revolutionary model that overcomes the challenge faced by many of raising startup capital. Drop shipping also reduces the risk of losing money from a business owner point of view.


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