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Becoming a life coach is a great career. This is especially the case today because more individuals are seeking out the services of qualified life coaches. More people are choosing to develop themselves to ensure they get the most out of life despite the challenges it offers. 

If you would like to build a great coaching career, the first thing you need to do is choose a niche. Life coaching is a vast area, mainly because every person has different needs and dimensions in their life. To effectively serve them, you need to focus your efforts, knowledge, and skills into one area. Moreover, it is also essential to select an area that works best for you.

Who is a life coach?

A life coach can be anything from a mentor, mediator, guide, or anything; but a life coach is essentially a professional that will take their client from their current state to their desired place. The desired place can be a specific career achievement, weight, fulfilling social and financial life, or any other suitable place. As a life coach, you will help transform your clients’ vision into reality.

Types of coaching

Selecting a coaching niche will guide you in making a plan that will get you to your desired career. You will select a training program and certification that will offer the right theory and skills as well as learning and reference materials. Here are some of the hottest life coaching niches for you to choose:

Confidence coaching

Confidence is a main determinant of one’s outcome in life. Failing to have high confidence in oneself can lead to problems with relationships, predispose one to being taken advantage of, and make the wrong career decisions. Crippling insecurity makes people fail to reach their fullest potential, which leads to long term regrets and depression. If you have a vibrant, energetic aura filled with confidence and fearlessness and would love to help people get there, becoming a confidence life coach is the best option.

Wellness coaching

Health and wellness always go together, and often, the things that hold clients back from wellness are unhealthy behavior and inaccurate perceptions and thoughts. As a wellness coach, your role will be to help your clients overcome these obstacles using various techniques, encouraging accountability and solving the core of the main issue that caused the unhealthy patterns in the first place. Choosing to become a life coach specializing in wellness is a great option if you are empathetic and a great listener.

Business coaching

Today’s corporate world has already splurged over $1b in coaching fees to obtain business coaching services, so it goes without saying that this is one of the most profitable areas. If you have background knowledge in business management/administration, and entrepreneurship, you can get additional training as a life coach to help other people build their businesses, weather the troubles that come with a young business and go on to make profits. Business coaches will always be in demand as many more choose entrepreneurship over employment.

Career transition coaching

Another dimension that is always tricky for many is choosing to make a career change. Career changes come with a myriad of challenges; expenses in further education, changing jobs, finding another job, and starting out as a beginner. An expert will also be needed to help someone transitioning in acing their interviews and adjusting to the new career’s regulations.

Becoming a career transitioning coach will mean that people will hand over their hope of finding joy in the new career over to you. If you are up for it, then consider seeking specialized training as a career transition life coach.

Relationship coaching

Do you have a deep interest in relationships, helping people find real happiness by meeting their perfect matches? If you are outgoing and are interested in helping shy individuals make that first move or guide people in troubled relationships make things work, then this could be your area. This career path may actually be really fulfilling and fun.

Personal development coaching

Many people are stuck in a rut; they are in a career they no longer like, or simply no longer feel fulfilled at their current place. Others prefer to buy motivational books, listen to encouraging podcasts, or get a personal development coach. This is another lucrative career option, as many are choosing to get out of career ruts by seeking the guidance of professional coaches. You will help your clients get unstuck and get to a point where life starts to make sense again.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a kind of coaching meant to help individuals in higher management levels (CEO, CFO, MDs) through the tough parts of their careers, executive managers in corporate industries often have to be excellent n management, execution, staffing, and leadership. They need to make tough decisions, remain impartial, and work to ensure company profitability. As an executive coach, you will guide them in overcoming the mental exhaustion that comes with their job, loneliness at the top, and maintain an optimum work-life balance.


As you can see, there are many areas in coaching for you to choose from. All you need is to have a sit down with yourself and decide what area suits your level of expertise and personality most.

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