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Becoming a Professional Life Coach

Technology has reached a level where all organizations and companies need it to thrive. Being a life coach is one of the hardest jobs to do because many people depend on you to impact their lives. You may fail to reach all your clients, especially if you need to move around operating under a tight schedule. That is one of the main reason why several online coaching websites exists today. As a life coach, offering your services online can solve a lot of your problems. However, for you to successfully provide seamless services to your clients, here is what you need to know before you start a coaching business online;

Decide on your web design

Keep in mind that your life coaching website is the most critical asset in your organization. That is because it is the point where your clients get to interact with your business. You, therefore, need to make sure that you have an excellent user-friendly website. Your main aim here is to ensure that your clients and prospects can easily access your platform through their various devices without experiencing any problem.

You also need to confirm that your site is well organized, branded, and decorate with the right color schemes. There are high chances that you have an imagination of how your website should look like. If you cannot design it you can always describe it to an expert and have them design it.

Create a client persona

This means that you need to identify the kind of clients that you are targeting. The best way to do this is by creating an imaginary client who fits the description of the person who can need your help. Doing this will make it easy for you to know where to find these clients and how to reach out to them. Without clearly outlining your target market, you will end up wasting a lot of time. You will end up trying to force clients to adapt to your program even though it is not appropriate for them. Such mistakes usually have adverse consequences because you can quickly end up getting bad reviews.

Work on your content

The  content that needs to be on your life coaching website should be professional in all possible ways. Keep in mind that you want to get paid for these services, and unless someone is convinced by what they find on your site, it will take you a long time to land good deals. If coming up with the perfect web content seems like a challenge to you, your only option is to hire a professional. You will also need to have some engaging blogs about life coaching because it will go a long way to bring you traffic. This will also be creating an avenue for making money through ads.

Reasonable pricing

This is one aspect of online coaching services that can ruin your plan if you don’t have the right information. As much as you can charge whatever you want, you will need to be more considerate in the beginning. That is because you will need to win a few clients fast so that your expertise can be put to the test. This is an easy way of getting your first good reviews, which will also go a long way to attracting more clients.

Have a strategic online marketing plan

This is the most challenging part when it comes to reaching out to your possible clients online. You need to ensure that you package your online marketing plan so that it suits the persona you have already created. Remember that as much as there are millions of internet users accessing the internet every day before you can convince someone to visit your life coaching page, they have to be confident that you have the right solution for their problem. Ensure that you mix your media when carrying out online marketing to avoid boring your audience.

For several online coaching websites, a professional digital marketer is hired to spearhead customer outreach online. That is because it is not easy to do everything alone, especially when part of your marketing requires that you carry out yourself like a professional. The good thing is that you can get good marketing ideas online, but for the best results, you will have to rely more on creativity.

Clearly outline your purpose

On your website, you need to come out as clear as you can about what you are all about. On the landing page of most life coaching websites, you will find that clients are introduced to the website with attractive information and images. These communicate well about what a client should expect when they sign up for life coaching services. By breaking down the coaching process, you shall be giving your prospect an easy time to understand your purpose. Even identify if you are the perfect match for them.

Avoid wanting to coach everyone

This is one mistake that is quite common, especially with some new life coaches. They feel like they can help everybody; hence, they tend to flood their websites with all sorts of information. It works for some, but many find this challenging after a while because when you can help everyone and they start flooding on your website, things may not be easy. Besides, if you choose a niche, your delivery will be fast and efficient.


No one is restricted that they cannot become a life coach and open up a life coaching site. However, before you set out to help others, ensure that your reputation fits your description and promise of service. You cannot be a life coach, yet you have not achieved anything that will make your clients trust in your processes. That is why, in many cases, life coaches are mostly people who have undergone a certain life-changing experience and would like to help other people who have done the same. Better yet, you can look for certification and additional relevant credibility that will prove your skills and knowledge in this field.

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