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How to select an e-commerce site builder

Technology has reached levels where it can no longer be assumed. Organizations and professionals need this technology, and if you wish to run a successful online coaching business, you need first to embrace technology. For a life coach, things can get a little hard mainly if your client base has grown and your schedule even busier. Meeting all the clients can be impossible unless you give it a new approach. Today, many professional life coaches operate through their websites, and this seems to reduce the workload and make their job more bearable. If you are a life coach and you are thinking e-commerce, here is what you should know before setting up your site;

Consider your web design

Your website will be representing you to new clients; hence, you need to make the best first impression. Your website needs to appear professional and organized, not forgetting good content. Other features that you should consider with your design include Easy navigation, favorable color scheme, and the ability to load correctly on all devices like smartphones and computers. Your branding should also be perfect because some people are keen on petty things just because they want to be too careful. All it takes is your web design to declare your professionalism.

Create an imaginary client

Depending on your field of expertise, you can quickly identify the kind of clients that you expect to be interested in your services. By doing this, you shall be streamlining your marketing efforts because you will know who you are dealing with and how to find them. Without knowing who you want to target, you can end up wasting a whole lot of time on things that will not benefit you or your client. The worst part is, during this kind of confusion, you will strain to capture everybody, which can quickly result in poor service delivery. A few bad reviews can come your way fast.

You need the best content on your site

As it is known, content is king, and this makes sense in all possible ways. Because you are now approaching clients through your website, they must find content that is worth their time. The good thing with great content is that it will make it easy for your clients to trust your services.

You, however, need to ensure that your content is not dull and presented in more than one medium if it is possible. You also want to ensure that you don’t have too much writing on your site. For someone who is looking for life coaching services, long reads are not necessary. Another great thing about good content is that it will always bring you traffic, opening other money-making gateways other than selling your services alone.

Learn about the market price

Although a life coach has the freedom of deciding how much to charge for their services, a beginner should be more lenient. Highly-priced life coaching services come with more experience and establishment. As a new player, you will want to earn your first few clients to keep the company moving. You need to do extensive market research so that you can come up with the most suitable pricing. You will not want to set it too low so that you seem desperate, whereas setting it too high will take you much time if you are new in the business.

Develop a strategic online marketing plan

Since you are selling life coach services online, you need to know how to find new clients. According to experts, millions of internet users access the web every day. Out of these millions, you expect to get enough clients to work with. However, without knowing how to present yourself during online marketing, you can end up not scoring even a single client. Online marketing requires a unique strategy because your competitors share most of the essential online marketing tactics. What you need is something that is out of the odds.

If you take a keen interest in most established online coaching websites, you will find that most are partnering with online marketing agencies to help them spread and find more clients. Like any other online marketing strategy, you want to make sure that you reach as many people as possible if you’re going to get more clients. For a beginner, this may need more time but with the right help it can be instant.

Don’t be over-ambitious

When launching your online coaching website, you need to settle on something because you cannot help everybody. Some new online life coaches get desperate and hungry for money that they even forget their sole purpose. This is one of the key reasons why identifying your niche as a life coach is essential. It will prevent you from straying and losing focus. You should also keep in mind that for you to enjoy more convenience, you don’t need to have thousands of clients at a go. If you want a more precise record, you could decide to serve only a specified maximum number of clients at a time. When you are done with one, you replace them with a new client.


Because anyone can today become a professional online life coach, you need to understand that more credibility will earn you more chances in this industry. However, you must find interest in this profession because it requires another level of patience and understanding. Also, note that for you to get clients, you need to prove to them that you can handle the job, and that is the kind of information that must not lack on your website.

Many professional life coaching services have undergone an experience in their lives that motivated them to impact the lives of people suffering the same thing. These usually make the best life coaches because they have been inside. Earning a valid certificate in life coaching is also another way to convince your clients that you are capable of helping them. The good thing is, you can get certified online conveniently.

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