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A great website is the first thing in building a winning online life coaching business. If your homepage looks warm, welcoming, and engaging, your potential clients will feel trust from the beginning and will be more likely to call to schedule an appointment. An e-commerce site builder is the most cost-effective and flexible option for you. Site builders will handle all your site upgrades and infrastructure management for you, and make website design a breeze. There are dozens of e-commerce site builders that you can use to make a professional website, which may make choosing the right one rather overwhelming. Not to worry, though, as here are some guidelines that will help you commit your funds to the right provider.


You need to select a website builder that is easy to navigate and use, especially if you are a beginner in the world of tech. A site builder is supposed to save you the costs of hiring a website designer. Again, you do not want to spend your time typing difficult jargon on Google. Select a site builder with simple drag-and-drop functionality to make site design fun and easy rather than a tasking experience where you need to take HTML and CSS training. It should also be easy for you to interact with your clients and upload content. Shopify is an excellent option for beginners; it has fully customizable themes and a user-friendly interface.

Your budget

How much are you willing to part with per month for your website? You need to determine what your initial budget is before you embark on your search. Site builders often charge their clients depending on what they need, and if you are starting your coaching business, the basic packages will provide sufficient bandwidth and storage. Moreover, you may have to incur domain name costs. Continued site maintenance may cost $9-$40 per month and a domain name $10 per year. Choosing a free plan is often a bad idea as free plans have minimal functionality, offer you subdomains, or keep branded ads crawling on your home page.

Available plugins

In addition to your primary website, there are other features that will make it fully functional. Choose a website builder that will give you access to all the plugins that you require to make the site works for both you and your clients. Some of these include SEO, social media integration, and professional report generation. However, you need to be careful with these, as they may increase your monthly charges. Be sure that you include only the most valuable ones. Also, avoid free plugins as they are rarely updated and may provide vulnerabilities that hackers can use to take your site offline.

Preview Mode

If you plan to use content marketing to promote your online life coaching business, you need a site builder that will let you preview your content before you upload it. This way, you will be sure that you upload excellent work. Apart from uploaded content, you must be able to preview your website design before it goes live. You do not want a website with hanging images and discordant images.

Customer support

An integral part of a reliable e-commerce website builder is reliable technical support. Read online reviews and find if the site builder you intend to use has a dependable team that is quick to respond. The best e-commerce support is available via email, live chat, and phone call. An unreliable customer support team that makes you wait for hours on end when your site is down will cost you hourly fees and client trust.

What are your priorities?

Do you want a dazzling website? SquareSpace is the best site builder for you. If you prefer something laidback and straightforward with excellent functionality, you can use BigCommerce. Shopify is your best bet if you plan to accept payments via your website. Shopify will let you incorporate as many payment gateways as you need for client convenience.

Site design

Site design is an important aspect when selecting a site builder. Your client’s first impression of you will come from your website’s landing page, which needs to be remarkable. Choose a site builder with many fully customizable themes for you to choose from. Starting with an idea of what you want your site to look like may be helpful, and having many options will increase your chance of finding your dream design.

Company reputation

Many scammers lurk online in the name of site builders. You need to find a site builder that is reliable and has many clients praising their excellent services. The best approach in finding a reputable site builder is to comb the internet for their online presence. Review sites like TrustPilot should give you an idea of what previous clients perceive about the company. Be wary if the site builder has a scanty online presence.


The above pointers should help you find a great site builder. The perfect site builder, in a nutshell, is affordable, user-friendly, reliable, has excellent customer support, SEO and other plugins, and plenty of mobile responsive themes.

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