Factors to Consider When Starting a Coaching Business

Ever considered getting a professional coach?

Staring a life coaching business can be complicated. There are already many other online coaching businesses in existence, some with robust reputations. Before you start your online practice, you need to consider several factors that are critical in ensuring the success of your business.

To be successful, you first need to understand what a life coach does. In addition to the responsibilities of building a business, you will also have the hefty burden of managing specific components of your clients’ lives. Training and certification are essential to get the trust and confidence of clients. You will also need to be passionate, empathetic, and ready to handle the issues that they will entrust you with.

What does running an online coaching business entail?

Life coaching often revolves around setting up meetings with clients for sessions. Some clients will see you anywhere between 2-4 times every month for 20-60 minutes. Running an online business is often convenient for both you and your clients because neither of you will incur travel costs nor waste time driving to and from any locations. When you are not meeting clients, you will spend time improving your skills, catching up with the latest trends in life coaching, and marketing your business.

As an online life coach, you will need excellent interpersonal and organizational skills to accommodate all kinds of clients and make schedules that suit them. You may opt to run your coaching business part-time before revenue becomes steady, but as your customer base grows, you will have to quit employment and go full time. You will be able to set up consultations with clients during business hours, evenings, or weekends, depending on when your clients are available.

What your target market will be

Your clients will be people going through various challenges or seem to be stuck in a rut. They will be seeking your professional assistance to make improvements in their lives; either as people needing to achieve their full potential, or already successful individuals seeking guidance to manage the myriad of responsibilities that come with prosperity. To keep your clients’ confidence and trust, you will need to have an energetic and confident aura. Your clients need to know that the cash they are paying will be worth it.

How will your business earn revenue?

An online life coaching business generates revenue from the fees charged to clients for consultations. You may choose to charge an hourly fee or ask for a retainer. Retainers are payments made to coaches for them to be available for a particular time every month or week.

How to build a reputation for your business

The many popular life coaching businesses are built on the owner’s reputation. These individuals often start by leveraging their own networks to get their first clients, then marveling them with remarkable services. The largest online coaching businesses may have other life coaches on board, but the clientele often goes back to the same business because of the solid reputation its owner built.

 As your business grows, your role in the business will soon change from that of a life coach only to that of a leader as well. Clients that seek life coaches will look for a reputable service provider within your geographical area or in your chosen niche. To ensure your business grows, you need to provide a distinguished face for your coaching firm.

Initial costs

Your initial costs will not be as high as many other businesses; all you will need is a stable internet connection, a phone, and a computer. You will also need to register your business as an LLC or sole proprietorship, which will require some fees, permits, and insurance fees. Avoid using your personal electronics to run your business; mixing up your kid’s movies and notes is not something you want when building a robust business. You will also need to consider website hosting and domain name fees.

What steps are required to start your coaching business?

Build a business plan.

A plan is crucial to guide your efforts and budget your resources accordingly. Consider these factors when making your business plan:

  • Your initial costs
  • Your niche/target clientele
  • The name of your coaching business
  • Target monthly revenue/ how long it will take for you to break even

Your business name is an essential aspect of your business. Choose a name that is easy to remember, professional, and impactful. Use it to promote your business and to buy a website domain name. You will also need a professional email for communication with clients.

Take care of all legal obligations

Registering your business as an LLC will protect you from liability in case your business is sued or goes bankrupt. You will also need to register for federal taxes for compliance before opening your business. You will also need to get the requisite licenses to operate to avoid fines. Insurance is also crucial for any business, especially if you plan to hire help. Workmen compensation insurance may be a legal requirement in your state.

Open a business bank account

To facilitate accountability, avoid mixing personal funds with business income. You will need to have necessary accounting skills to keep up with your online business’ financial performance. Having up-to-date accounts will also make filing your tax returns easier.

Get your business running

Let your online coaching website go live with remarkable site design and contacts for inquiries. You can market your new business using paid ads on major social networks, fliers, and mass media ads.


The above factors and guidelines will give you an idea of what you need to consider before you start an online life coaching business. In addition to portraying a confident, energetic aura, you will need to be persistent and hardworking to make your business successful.

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