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Being a professional life coach has gotten better due to the rapid technological advancements. Using an e-commerce website, a life coach can offer his or her services to clients around the world. However, for this to be possible, proper preparation is essential. For a professional life coach who is considering e-commerce, here are a couple of things that you need to consider for a successful life coach training website;

Get the right software

The first step in building an excellent e-commerce website is to find the perfect platform to host your website. What many people don’t know is that these e-commerce platforms are responsible for everything that your website can do. With that known, you must conduct ample research because the consequences for choosing the wrong platform will catch up with you. It’s also better to know that there are different kinds of e-commerce platforms depending on your level of knowledge about e-commerce. If you are new to e-commerce and you require a more user-friendly software, then you can consider Shopify.

Secure your site

Hackers make away with millions in cash, and the worst part is, some of these robberies are unnoticed. To avoid becoming a victim of such circumstances, most e-commerce website owners invest heavily on their website security. For a beginner, this makes little sense because there are high chances that life coaching is what you are an expert at. If that is your case, you will need to find a site security system that makes sense to you.

This points us back to the e-commerce platform used. If you consider using Shopify, for example, you will not need to strain to secure your website. That is because Shopify uses servers that are specifically for e-commerce to host its users. That means, these servers lack a common weakness that standard servers have. Also know that other than protecting your money, you need to protect your client’s information.

Give your clients nothing but the best

This refers to the user experience on your website. Note that life coaching is a competitive field and with a site that does not favor clients don’t last for too long. You need to ensure that your website is at its best and work properly on all kinds of devices. You will also want to ensure that navigation is easy and the color scheme used is polite to the eyes. The type of content in your coaching site also matters a great deal. This typically becomes a problem if you are not gifted in creating unique and captivation content. That is why most established life coaching websites have content creators responsible for this.

Always be transparent

Some so many people wish to get online coaching services. The problem is, once they tried paying for the service, they realized that the checkout price is not the same as the advertised package price. A very few clients will not mind such alterations, but the majority will feel as if they are being taken advantage of. If there is an extra charge or hidden cost in your services, better be clear about it. Life coaching is for everyone, and you can always find a client willing to pay whatever price you put up. You should also not sound as if you can perform miracles and help anyone who needs your service. Some of the best life coaches in the world are experts and not jacks of all trade. You may want to remember this before you take your services online.

Maintain professionalism

Because you are a professional, you will want to portray the same to your clients. Your website becomes your face because it is the first point of interaction with your prospects. You will want to get great content and if you have to use visuals like images, don’t go and get them from photo stock website. Getting quality and unique photos and videos will need you to hire a professional photographer and even get models and props to make you stand out.

Develop an online marketing strategy

The hardestth8ing about doing business online is attracting possible clients to your website. Although there are millions of internet users across the world, finding potential clients from the crowd won’t be easy unless you have a broad reach. For this to be possible, you need to exhaust any available online marketing option. Expert digital marketers manage the online marketing for many established online coaching sites. As a beginner, you will be hungry to reach. Hence you may want to go an extra mile. Interact with people on a personal level and direct them to your website. Speaking in a public event is one way of doing this.

Collect testimonials

Testimonials are valuable because they are more convincing and allow previous clients to tell the rest of the world about their experiences with you. However, you will want to collect more video testimonials, and this should be easy if you have helped a couple of clients. The reason why video testimonials will do you more favor is that it was realized that some testimonies are not real. With a video, your prospects will have a better view of what to expect from your services. Videos can hardly be fake because most of them will have been shot by you previous clients so it will be easy to know.


Managing a successful online coaching website requires a certain level of discipline. Also, you will need to do more research even if you will hire a web design and management expert. The importance of research, in this case, is to ensure that you don’t waste too much time trying to learn and figure things out.

Plus, it will save you from putting your money in the wrong idea. When choosing an e-commerce platform, for example, you will not want to purchase one that will force you to migrate in the future when you begin handling more clients. That is because such migrations can cost you, but you can never know about this unless you do your homework.

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