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Technology is in everything today, and for coaches, it has brought forward an opportunity that cannot be passed. With millions of people across the world struggling to overcome their problems, online life coaching services have become more popular. Through a website, a life coach can offer their services to clients around the world. For this to be possible, the following tips should be helpful;

Get the right e-commerce platform from a genuine vendor

Because you will now be running an e-commerce website, you must host your site on the correct e-commerce platform. There are several e-commerce software in the market. Depending on your e-commerce skills, you will always find a suitable one. If you are a newbie and e-commerce sound too new for you, Shopify is a good e-commerce platform to launch your online coaching business. That is because it is designed for people with no background in e-commerce, plus it comes with enough features to help you set up your website in no minutes.

Website security

Because payments and customer information will have to go through your website, it is highly recommended that you secure your website. According to experts, millions of money is lost to hackers’ annually in e-commerce, and you don’t want to fall, a victim. Many e-commerce websites invest heavily in their security, but this works best for more established professionals. As a beginner, you may need something that is less threatening to your budget. With a platform like Shopify, your site security can be more affordable because Shopify offers free hosting services for its users and they get to enjoy the whole package.

Give your clients a great experience

If you expect someone to spend a thousand dollars on your website, it is vital to ensure that your site looks and works like it is worth that much. Therefore, you have to put more efforts into ensuring that your e-commerce website looks exceptional and functions just as good. Note that the kind of e-commerce platform directly determines your site performance.

That includes the speed of your site and the ability to function even when there is too much traffic. This is yet another reason why a platform like Shopify is still the right choice. Know that Shopify uses e-commerce enhanced servers. That means your online coaching website will not experience any breakdown problems due to very high traffic.

Be honest about everything concerning your business

Some online life coach professionals hide extra costs, and this becomes a problem that stops many willing clients from finishing the payment process. To avoid losing clients because of pricing issues, it is essential that you be transparent. You need to ensure that you select the perfect payment gateway that is well configured and hides no extra charges. Don’t forget that the cost of your services plays a significant role in directing clients to your platform. The moment they see a different figure just before they complete that payment, they will lose trust in you.

Keep your site neat and professional considering your audience

Your life coaching websites need to look better than the best. This may require you to hire an expert designer to work on your site. Alternatively, you can opt for pre-designed website themes as found in Shopify. These are website templates that are customizable meaning that you can edit them and have them fit your idea of web design.

You will also need high-quality images that don’t belong to any photo stock site. To convince your prospects that you are a professional, you need to go all in, and this means creating original visuals for your site’s content. You may have to hire a professional photographer and models for the best outcome.

Have a marketing strategy

Because you are running an online business, your general target market are the internet users. Although social media records the highest number of users, keep in mind that there are other aspects of online marketing. Email marketing and having your ads run on various websites are just a few ideas on how to maximize your online marketing strategy. You may also need to reach people personally and introduce your site and explain what it is all about.

Attending workshops related to life coaching activities is another great platform for marketing. You can request for a couple of minutes to mobilize the audience about what you do. When adopting this strategy, you can carry around a few fliers to give around but most importantly, ensure that you are engaging the right audience.

Use video testimonials instead of written ones

Testimonials are an essential part of e-commerce because they have convincing unbeaten power. However, written testimonials these days are not that effective. That is because it was discovered that some people pay for these testimonials to be written. When you use a video, however, the viewer gets to see real proof.

Getting a video testimonial from your clients is easy, especially if your coaching services have truly transformed their lives. Another advantage of using video testimonials is that you have more platforms on which you can share the video like social media and even as an email or advert. Written testimonials will only be available on your website.


Running an e-commerce website requires discipline. You need to be transparent at all times and put the needs of your audience first. Don’t forget that there is stiff competition in the life coaching industry, and a simple mistake can drive several of your clients to competitors. It is also vital that before you settle on an e-commerce platform, you research. This will save you a lot of time and money because there are some aspects of e-commerce that many people assume in the beginning then suffer later on.

Choosing a non-scalable e-commerce platform, for example, is one mistake that new life coach professionals do. It’s a mistake anyone can do because few people know that when your e-commerce website starts receiving more clients, your management system will require alterations.

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