6 Ways to Help You Choose a Great Online Life coach certification program

Life Coaching for Personal and Professional Empowerment

Life coaching is no longer a side hustle. Many are now taking it up as a full-time job and earning top dollar from the clients that need professional assistance in ironing out specific areas in their life. Today’s life is far more complicated than it was ten years ago, which may explain the recent rise in the coaching market worth.

To become a life coach, you will need to take a coaching certification course or training. Your clients will need these to ascertain your qualifications and ability to deliver the results they want. An online life coaching program is the ultimate solution for you if you are already stuck in a hectic schedule. A life coaching program only needs the internet, dedication, and of course, a laptop! You will interact with your lecturers and fellow students online via chat rooms, video conferencing, and will receive digital reading materials.

There are dozens of online coaching training websites on the internet, and selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Here are a few guidelines that will help you pick out the right program to ensure value for your time and hard-earned cash:

Find out first if you really want to be a life coach

To be a successful life coach, you need to understand that a life coach’s responsibilities can be daunting. You will interact with clients from all walks of life with varying issues, personalities, temperaments, and behavior. They will pay you top dollar expecting remarkable results in a short time, which may not always happen.  You also need to have the right personality for it; empathetic, outgoing, personable, stoic, and social. Are you willing to take up the great responsibility that comes with having people’s careers, happiness, and wellbeing in your hands? Before you dedicate your time and funds, be sure that being a life coach is your real calling.

Choose your niche

Life coaching is a broad field; to choose the right online program, you need to determine what area you want to assist people in. You can choose relationships, personal development/empowerment, business coaching, confidence, health and fitness, or executive coaching. This way, you will narrow down your search to a few relevant training programs.

Carry out sufficient research

Like a college degree, an online life coach certification course will also cost you a significant of cash, and you will need to be careful. Many sites out there use elegant and appealing websites with encouraging quotes as fronts for scams and unaccredited courses.

The first characteristic of a legitimate program is that it will charge $5,000-$10,000. If it is too good to be true, then it most probably is, especially when it comes to price.

In addition to researching the institutions, you need to research your dream career as well to determine what you should expect from the program you intend to join. There are plenty of reliable books and online resources that you can use to start your training on the right foot.

Find an accredited program

The International Coach Federation is a reputed organization whose sole mandate is to promote the life coaching career globally. The ICF has been in existence for 10 years and has set stringent standards that online coach training programs have to follow to obtain accreditation. The ICF accreditation is the most prestigious, and the programs that have it are called Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTPs). Finding an ACTP is the best way to find a reliable training program. The ICF accreditation is the gold standard, and so will be the certificate you get from ICF-accredited institutions.

Find a program that fits your lifestyle and values

Different online life coaching programs have different methods of delivery and schedules. Despite being taught by highly qualified and experienced life coaches, but your program will not work out if you cannot keep up with training sessions. If you have a tight schedule, select a program whose schedule you can work around. Moreover, some programs’ training is hinged on leadership, while others are more spiritual or religious. Find a training program that fits the kind of guidance you intend to offer your clients.

Find a training program that gives you insight into real coaching

In addition to the theory, you will need ample preparation for the practical bit of training. As mentioned earlier, life coaching is not going to be easy. Your training needs to give you industry-specific practical knowledge to help you become an excellent life coach. Before you get niche-specific training, you should get your foundation training first. Life coaching has core concepts that you should aim to obtain before you specialize.


Life is only becoming more complicated with time, and so is the pressure to become better and self accomplished. To overcome these pressures, a qualified life coach may be the best guide. To get the best online life coach training, you need to take a step back, research thoroughly, and understand exactly what you need from your coaching career.

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