6 Reliable Tips to Help You Build a Thriving Online Life Coaching Business

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You have a passion for helping people achieve their potential and all the right training and certifications. However, there is still one major milestone left in your budding career as a life coach: to build a reputable business that will get clients calling by the minute. To build a thriving online coaching business, you will need plenty of patience, consistency, and a robust plan. Here are some reliable pointers that should point you in the right direction:

Understand that is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a successful online coaching business

Many people will go online and type ‘How to build a successful online coaching business’ in their search engines. There is no one perfect way to start a business; that perception has often seen many entrepreneurs end up burned. The one approach that will work is to have an actionable SMART plan and to commit to it. Create and dedicate some income, build a healthy lifestyle, and craft objectives to suit the plan. These pointers should guide you in making a plan for your coaching practice:

  • What is your target revenue (daily, weekly, or monthly)? Use your answer to that question to become your income goal.
  • How many hours do you want to work per day? Take into account personal life, hobbies, family, and other important aspects to ensure that they do not become impediments later. Write this number of hours down as a lifestyle goal.
  • What legacy would you want to leave behind? This is your contribution goal.

These goals are the first step and should be in your office. They should act as motivators during business downtime or when you begin to doubt your abilities as a competent, successful life coach.

Have an in-depth understanding of your niche.

It goes without saying that to offer your clientele top-tier services, you need to have an excellent understanding of your niche. You need to know what the clients in your chosen niche want, the challenges that often stop them from getting there, and how to help them get past it. However, you also need to come up with a new market solution to overcoming the said challenges to make yourself stand out from the many practitioners in your field.

 Find relevant chatter on social media and other social forums that will give you more insight into your target clientele. Research, interact with them and do everything you need to do to know your target audience’s mannerisms in and out.

Create something different

As mentioned earlier, there are many practitioners in your niche. To be successful, you need to give your clients a good reason to choose your online coaching practice over theirs. Moreover, you are starting out, and the veterans in the fields will already have the edge over you.

Your product will have to possess a unique bundle of attributes that will adequately solve your clients’ top 5 pain points. Be creative and innovative, and put these considerations at the forefront:

  • Some clients work in highly tech-intensive environments and will often want a break from computers and the internet. You will, therefore, have to have one-on-one sessions with them rather than online sessions.
  • One-on-one sessions can be exhausting for you
  • Webinars are not suitable for clients going through severe emotional turmoil, such as grief

Set an appropriate price

Many business executives will tell you that there is no such thing as a very expensive or cheap item. It is often about value for money. If your services provide a sure solution to the most pressing issues your clients have, then you should charge a premium price that ranges from $2,000 per client. This will preserve your reputation and services’ worth and save you the hassle of working with uncommitted people.

Get your clients

While aggressive marketing campaigns are the way to get started, you will need to format them appropriately to reach the high-value clients you plan to serve. The first place you will have to start is your existing network. Your kind of clients will not be interested in your methodology and tools, and this is often where many online life coaches go wrong. Most people looking for an effective life coach want to know the results you will offer rather than how you plan to get there. Get their emotions involved and show that you empathize with what they are going through, then encourage them to give you a call.

Get help

As your business grows, you will start to feel the brunt of running a fast-paced business. To continue offering your clients the outstanding services they are used to, you will need to get a coach yourself. You also have limitations as a human being, and getting a mentor is a smart step in increasing your effectiveness rather than tanking it as your workload increases. Moreover, your role will shift from that of being an executor to being a leader, and leaders often need guidance.


Starting a life coaching business online is a lucrative option, with corporations in America spending over $1 billion on coaching services. With the tips above and hard work, you will be able to build a business in which you will get predictable revenue doing something you are passionate about.

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