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Today’s busy way of living has had many professionals put off studying to obtain their dream certifications or careers. This trend is mainly to avoid the hassle and exhaustion of commuting from home to work, school, and ending up home late in the night. If you are an aspiring life coach looking to advance your career by becoming certified, you do not have to postpone it any longer.

Advancement in technology has made it possible for you to take your life coach classes online. You will thus obtain learning material in digital form, interact with your classmates and professors through video conferencing and chats, and take your exams on an online portal.

Before, life coaches were people who used their innate abilities to guide people through rough patches in their personal lives. Times have changed; today’s life coaches are fully trained professionals who use their abilities plus knowledge obtained in class to help people revive their motivations. To build a stable career as a life coach, an online coaching certification program is now a reputable option.

This article will look at 5 excellent life coach certification programs that you can sign up for and start your career on the right foot:

Life Coach Training Course: Introduction to Life Coaching (UDEMY)

If you are starting out as a life coach and need to get your fundamentals in order, consider signing up for the introduction to Life coaching program by UDEMY. This course will teach you everything you need to jumpstart your career as a life coach and what you need to further it and prosper. Some of the concepts you will cover include:

  • Coaching models like SMART and TGROW
  • Differences between consulting, coaching, counseling, and mentoring
  • Listening skills
  • Models of communication
  • Use of clean language in coaching

With this program, you will learn the primary skills needed to use coaching to help clients and yourself develop.

INLP life coach certification

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an approach to life coaching that uses the mind language to find what makes clients act the way they do. It is one of the most reputable tools in today’s life coach’s arsenal and is famed for its remarkable results in clients with deep-seated issues. If you do not have skills in NLP, the INLP is a recognized program that you can sign up for. It uses a systematic approach to teach NLP, its models, and techniques, plus the phases of a coaching session which include:

  • Pre coaching
  • Information gathering
  • Transformation
  • Integration
  • Wrap up/homework

You will also cover topics like confident coaching mindset, building inner resources, goal setting, and transforming stuck states. The course will teach you more than 50 NLP and life coaching approaches that will help you work excellently with each client and establish a remarkable reputation.

Life Purpose Coach Certification (UDEMY)

Many people are at a loss for words when asked what their life purpose is, and others either have no idea or do not seem to care. The UDEMY Life Purpose Coach Certification is hinged on helping you find your life purpose first before you can assist clients in achieving the same. The course will show you techniques and approaches that you can use guide clients towards their life purpose. You will also understand critical theory like what makes people change, personality type interpretation, and learn how to decipher the bad habits many people pick up as well as their passions. This highly reputed course is part of UDEMY’s Master Coach Certification, and can, therefore, be your first step towards a Master’s Certification.

Happiness Life Coach Certification

One key area in life coaching today is assisting your clients to achieve happiness through healthy lifestyle changes. As a happiness life coach, you will learn how to help clients achieve maximum joy by letting go all self-sabotaging beliefs, unhealthy perceptions, and behaviors; and helping them get in touch with their original versions. You will also help clients overcome the fear imparted by past traumas or abuse and take charge of their lives. This certification will teach you how to use a tried and tested step-by-step approach to achieving optimal contentment and happiness and is part of the UDEMY Master Coach Certification.

Life Coach Course (The Institute for Life Coach Training)

The Institute for Life Coach Training has a whole host of courses for you to choose from. In addition to the classes, you will also have a wide array of electives to select, depending on the niche you intend to fill. The training programs will teach you the various theories, tools, and knowledge required to run a prosperous coaching business. You will take the online courses to get the certification, and also put in a required number of hours as per ICF specifications and the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).


As you can see, there are plenty of accredited online coaching courses that will impart the necessary skills and knowledge to make you a reputable life coach. All you will need now is to put in effort and time to get your coursework and practicum to become that high profile life coach.

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