5 Excellent website builders for your online life coaching business

What is a Life Coach?

The first step in building a robust online life coaching business is to have an appealing and professional website to act as an interface between you and your clients. Thanks to website builders, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in website designer’s fees or have extensive coding abilities. There are many reliable and inexpensive site builders that offer excellent solutions. This article will describe 5of the most popular website builders and their pros and cons.


Shopify is one of the most popular site builders globally, with over 1 million users. Shopify is a fantastic choice if you plan to allow your clients to buy your services online. Over $40 billion of products have already been sold over online stores built by Shopify. You can start off with a 14-day free trial, after which you get to choose between various monthly packages depending on your traffic volume:

  • Shopify lite: $9/month
  • Shopify: $29/month
  • Shopify basic: $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify: $299

Many users often prefer Shopify because it is a one-stop-shop solution to all your online life coach business website needs. Shopify is a SaaS solution, which means that you will not have to worry about site upgrades, fixes, or software management. Shopify already has its own inbuilt payment gateway called Shopify Payments, but for your clients’ convenience, you can integrate other payment options like PayPal and other e-wallets. The only catch is that the monthly prices are quite steep, and using third party payment gateways attracts a transaction fee.

Shopify also brings you a wide range of features; professional report and stats generation, ready marketing solutions, logo generators, and many other solutions. If you care about your site’s appearance, not to worry, as Shopify has 7 free and practically hundreds of premium themes for your selection. You can even edit the themes using Liquid, Shopify’s scripting language! Shopify is your best option to build a simple, hassle-free life coach website.


Weebly is another remarkable site builder that is cost-effective and excellent if your life coach site’s appearance is at the top of your priorities. Just lie Shopify, Weebly is a SaaS solution, which takes away the hassle of software and infrastructure management and upgrades from your hands. Weebly has dozens of dazzling website templates for you to use in building a lovely site to appeal to your clients. These templates can be edited using the live page editor with drag and drop functionality. Your Weebly website will also come with inbuilt e-commerce functionality to let you accept payments online. If you are artsy and would like to create your own site, Weebly is the option for you.

Weebly is free to use, though they charge a 3% transaction fee for every payment received. To avoid this fee, you will have to upgrade to a premium plan. You can choose between any of these monthly packages:

  • Basic: $8
  • Pro: $12
  • Business plan: $25


SquareSpace is another site builder highly famed for the professional and appealing websites that it offers. From the beginning, SquareSpace offers you enterprise-level infrastructure to build your site. The site themes that SquareSpace offers are suitable for your coaching business and will impress your clients with its minimalist, elegant, and dazzling appeal. The themes are also fully editable, and you can even combine multiple themes to get the best of each. SquareSpace also comes with e-commerce functionality so you can accept payments from clients online. It is user-friendly, remarkable, and perfect if you want to have an effortlessly elegant site.

Its main catch is that its charges are also quite steep, with websites costing between $12-18/month and $26-$40/month for sites with e-commerce functionality. SquareSpace only allows integration with Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal, which may be inconvenient for some of your clients.


Wix is a famous site builder that is especially loved for offering its users a free SSL certificate and hundreds of free and paid third-party apps for website functionality extension. Wix also offers plenty of site themes and templates that are fully customizable for you to design your website. As you start your business, you can use Wix’s free plan that offers reduced bandwidth and storage. Wix’ lowest-paid plan goes for $9/month. As your business and bandwidth grow, you can opt for the Combo Plan for $14.95. If you want to accept payments via your Wix site, you will pay $26.25/month.

The biggest disadvantage of using Wix’ free plan is that branded advertisements will show up on your site, which is not great for your corporate image. You will also have to buy a domain name from another site even on a premium plan, as the premium Wix plan does not come with a domain.


WordPress.org is the planet’s most popular site builder, with 34% of all websites online being powered by the so-called self-hosted WordPress. It is the best site builder for its scalability, extensive features, and ease of use. WordPress.org is also free to use and gives you full control of your site. You can fashion your site into anything you want it to be; a community forum, social site, membership site, or in your case, a robust life coach’s website.

Moreover, you will have access to ready website themes for initial site design with drag-and-drop functionality. You can also build a multilingual site to serve clients from diverse backgrounds.  All you will need to do is to create a user account.

The site builder is free, but to get a domain and web hosting, you will need to select a premium plan. The domain name grows for $14.99/year and web hosting $7.99/month. The only catch with using WordPress.org is that you will need some tech expertise, but you will quickly get the hang of it.


The above are the best site builders in the market. They are all SaaS solutions, which means that the costs of infrastructure management and maintenance are not yours to worry about. They are cost-effective, reliable, and the choice for many reputable online life coaching businesses.

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