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Proofreading, Editing, Preparation for Publication, Creative Design, Book Creation

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Pricing based on length and depth of projects! Win/win arrangements.
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Sample of Publications:

A Perfect Love And a Blessed Life

Garden Island newspaper

Synergy Magazine

Adventures of Wild Flower Fairy

My Life At the Gate House


From Amina Badar about her soon-to-be-published book, included in Acknowledgments, September 2018:

I thank Lynn Thompson for her work in diligently editing and proofing this book. I appreciate her thorough correction, rearrangement, invaluable recommendations, and for putting together this whole book. Her wisdom, knowledge and guidance made my dream of writing this book possible. When you have an idea or a project that is ready for discussion with an editor, I recommend that you write to Lynn by email at and arrange to speak with her.


From Bill Farr:

As an author, speaker, teacher and meditation coach, I first had the pleasure of becoming aware of  Lynn Thompson in 2013. We connected through LinkedIn and she created a podcast from our interview based on my best-selling book  The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships

Afterwards she freely offered recommendations on how to improve some of the content on my website. So naturally I thought of her when I was ready for an editor to review my most recent book. Between August 2015 and February 2016, Lynn and I managed to coordinate editing sessions by email for the 300 page draft of my book, during our respective schedules, holidays, travel and family matters.

Lynn is an engaged, meticulous editor who is supportive, clear and adaptable in a collaborative editing arrangement. Her recommendations in both copy and content editing work range from small to more involved, such as moving a paragraph, offering a complete rewrite of a section, asking for more clarification of a point, and suggesting very effective exchanges of one word or phrase for another.

I found that Lynn has an amazing way of significantly improving the essence of what I write, while at the same time essentially maintaining the presence of my own voice. I am very grateful for her contributions to my most recent book, now being prepared for publication.

I am glad to continue working with Lynn and highly recommend her to others who require an attentive editor and proofreader for their writing that is being prepared for wide readership.

Bill Farr

Lynn is a wonderful editor. She is professional and helpful. She guided me through my work with ease and efficiency. The flow between Lynn and I was incredible. I would work with her again in an instant. Her suggestions and recommendations helped me get to the best place possible before publishing. I am so grateful for the whole process with Lynn. Thank you Lynn!

Sarah Smith
Author of “Waking Up”


In 2010 I had drafted a book to be entitled TOUCHSTONES FOR LIVING, The Implications of Evolution for Science, Religion and Daily Life. I contracted with Lynn to help in the final editing of the text and of the pictures, and to carry through with the process necessary for the company that would publish the book.

Lynn proved to be very quick at grasping novel ideas, and making them clearer. Where she found difficulty with the ideas as drafted, we had further discussions, and through this additional process of evolution the ideas themselves were improved upon.

Because of Lynn’s background in many years of photography, she assisted greatly in choosing and adapting the photographs for the book, which turned out to be 40 pages in length.

In preparation for the final publication, Lynn was very efficient with the computer procedures required by the publisher. This entire process of collaborative editing and formatting was managed long distance (with me in Ontario and Lynn in British Columbia) just as if she were in an office down the hall!

In summary, and even allowing for a bias as her father, I have no hesitation in recommending Lynn Thompson for proofreading, editing, or other collaboration in the production of a literary work.

A.E. John Thompson
Guelph, Ontario

p.s. in 2014 on the next project:
“Your editing is worth more than your fee, and your creative assistance is priceless!”


You are a joy to work with!
This is a dream come true!
Now I can die happy!

Joe Frisinger – July 2016 – A Perfect Love and a Blessed Life – his memoir in tribute to his beloved wife, Jane. The book is now available on as of August 2016.


Virtual Assistant ~ creating and updating LinkedIn profile, editing letters, blogs, website content, timely communication with clients (birthday cards) and more.

Audio Profiles ~ “Voice Prints” – enhance your online presence or create an audio memoir. Personalized audio services for recording and editing your projects.


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