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28 July 2017

Re-writing Your Life

Dear Lynn,
Thank you for your interview this afternoon. I just had to write and tell you how comfortable you made me feel. Giving interviews, up until now has not been my strong point. Yet your professionalism, sincere enthusiasm for who I am and what I do totally put me at ease and in fact, energized me. Very soon after you started the interview, I forgot this was a radio show. It was simply a conversation that we were having that turned out to be so much fun. Also, it was obvious that you really did your homework. Your questions were pertinent, intelligent and right from the heart. What a pleasure. You may want to consider being a mentor for other people who are considering being reporters or reporters who want to turn up their skills.
Thank you and blessings,
Junie Swadron, author of ‘Re-Write Your Life’

Junie Swadron on WomensRadio

I just listened to my 50 minute interview and I love it! I am so excited. YOU, my dear, are a fabulous interviewer. You listen so well, you ask such pertinent questions, you speak from your own life, making it even more real, and you make it so comfortable for the one who is being interviewed. That has certainly been my experience – and as I listened (and I have, as usual, a million other things to do), I couldn’t stop and listen to the rest later because I so loved it. Is my ego involved here? I don’t know. I just know I spoke from my heart, and it amazes me — I really do know my stuff. Thank you for this experience. Yours is my very first interview … well, not true, I just remembered I did some in Toronto years ago which I felt embarrassed by – but not now. Hmmm. Nice to see the growth.
Blessings, Junie Swadron

9 April 2016


You will find hundreds of podcasts on Rabble Podcast Network and WomensRadio ~ here are some highlights ~ for your interest. Please note: there is a ‘next’ at the bottom of this first page to follow for more links. Thanks for visiting and for listening!

27 December 2013

“Do You QuantumThink?”

November 27th, 2013

“Do You QuantumThink?” is the title of the book by Dianne Collins. She was recently my guest on Living on Purpose ~ afterwards I edited for an excerpt on WomensRadio and the full conversation is in two parts on the Rabble Podcast Network.

Hi Lynn,
Wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful conversation we had recording Living On Purpose show yesterday. As a host you provide such an open space for guests to express! I must tell you that I voiced my thinking and experiences in new ways — thanks to your ability to live your Purpose “giving voice to voice” :)) Awesome.
With gratitude, appreciation and love,
Dianne Collins – Author, “Do You QuantumThink?”

24 December 2013

Bill Farr ~ “Personality Types” ~ !

I recently spoke with Bill Farr who is the author of ‘The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships’. A shorter version of our conversation is now a podcast on WomensRadio this week. You’ll find the link there to the complete conversation. I have more understanding now of how some relationships are in conflict and some harmonize, a very helpful book!

“I always enjoy speaking and interviewing with Lynn Thompson. Lynn is someone who understands and articulates a deeper level of meaning within the work we call ‘self-help’. Her blend of vulnerability, extensive knowledge and incredible spirit is inspiring in so many ways. I would recommend her program to anyone looking to improve the level of happiness in their life or relationship. I feel blessed to have her as a friend and colleague.”
Bill Farr
Author, “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships”
Founder, TheArtofUnity

7 June 2013

The Diefenbunker – Canada’s Cold War Museum

June 7th, 2013

In June 2012 Jamie Thompson and I, along with his colleague, visited The Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum. At long last here is the audio project (5 minutes in length) from last summer ~ it has had limited listener-ship, as we were hoping it could find a national airing on CBC. So now it is time to share it with as national an audience as can be managed through this website!

The Diefenbunker in the News

9 February 2011

Tony Richards

Tony Richards in conversation with Lynn on Rabble Podcast Network.

“Over the past few months I have been involved with interviews across the US and Canada on my series of books on self-confidence. Many talented and experienced interviewers have been kind enough to give me their time and talent in drawing out the best of my books and thoughts. You Lynn, asked pertinent questions, exercised humour and intelligence that made my work and books relevant to your listeners. Thanks for that; your professionalism encourages me to look forward to working with you on other occasions. It was a great pleasure to assist your listeners to see that ‘Living on Purpose’ is not a dream, but an achievable reality.”
Tony Richards, SelfConfidenceBooks

9 February 2011

Betsy Whitfill

Betsy Whitfill speaking with Lynn Thompson about Share International ~ and beyond ~ on Rabble Podcast Network.

“I join the long list of contented and grateful guests who have been treated to Lynn’s warm hospitality on her show ‘Living on Purpose’. Not every host is able to successfully manage a discussion about this New Age and its Teacher, Maitreya. However, Lynn was so relaxed, so intelligently engaged that, for me, this interview was easy. The hour simply flew by. She was well prepared and so asked the important leading questions. It is those questions which draw out the most useful and interesting responses. Thank you Lynn for your fine work.”
~ Betsy Whitfill, Share-International

9 September 2010

Gloria Lintermans

Gloria Lintermans speaks with Lynn about Stepfamily Success on WomensRadio (audio begins when you land on the page).

Dear Lynn,
Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to guest on your show ‘Living on Purpose’ to discuss the subject of step and blended families. Over a span of guesting on at least 35 radio shows over the years, I can say with some authority that you are a terrific host. You presented a warm and inviting platform which enabled me to provide our listeners with 50 minutes of important and useful information in order to improve their lives and those of their stepchildren. Perhaps one of the best, and believe me, unusual features of your show was your preparation for my interview. You actually read ‘The Secrets to Stepfamily Success’ prior to my appearance so that your questions and prompts were articulate and intelligent, setting a platform for me to bring forth what I consider to be the most important information I have for your listeners. Thank you again Lynn, you are a wonderful example of ‘Living on Purpose’.
Best personal regards,
Gloria Lintermans

9 August 2009

Kim Switnicki

Lynn Thompson in conversation with Sex Coach Kim Switnicki, featured on Rabble Podcast Network.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a guest on your show! You are warm, professional and so easy to chat with – it was a piece of cake even though it could have been potentially quite controversial. Your sincere and comfortable, respectful attitude made my job as a guest divinely simple and you prepared me in advance for everything I needed to know. Thanks also for your brilliant edit of the show. I expect everyone who listens in will enjoy the lively pace, the thought provoking discussion and the soothing sounds of your voice and perfect musical selections. Bravo – Lynn!”
~Kim Switnicki, LionessForLovers, Sex Coach

15 April 2008

Charles Jacobs

During Lynn’s first (and so far, only) visit to Florida in 2008 to connect with colleagues at Radio Ear Network, with whom she was involved for two years ~ she had the opportunity to speak with Charles Jacobs ‘live’ in-studio. Their conversation is in two parts on WomensRadio.

“I found Lynn Thompson one of the industry’s most professional and best prepared radio interviewers when I appeared on ‘Living on Purpose’. Lynn was precise in compiling all information relevant to my history and to the book I had just published. The result was a very meaningful interview that probed well beneath the superficialities of the majority of interviews I have given. I recommend her strongly.”
~Charles Jacobs, Caros Books

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