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1 May 2018

Living on Purpose Playgram

Aloha Best Wishes as we continue into 2018,
may your Heart Be Light and Your Vision Bright,
with Dreams being Realized and
New Dreams being Revealed.

Living on Purpose Playgram created in Kauai, now being shared in
Canada ~ Ottawa, Toronto, and beyond ~
Thoughtful play for adding awareness to
conscious language,
befriending money,
and being in the flow, today.

Virtual Playgram on the airwaves!
Portable Playgram!


Feedback from those in attendance:

“Gathering of like minds. You got so much information across! Learning by Play!” ~ Miranda

“Beautiful, fun, illuminating! Lynn’s workshop invites us all to play. She creates a super fun, supportive space for all of us to discover more flow and abundance in our lives. She has really unique exercises and games to help us see where we may be stuck and to move past limiting beliefs. Thank you, Lynn.” ~ Ann

“What prompted me to attend? YOU! You intrigued me…” ~ Zander

“Heart opening, joyful, profound, surprising…” ~ Maureen

“Attending the Playgram was exactly where I wanted to be. Lynn, you are inspiring me more each day. Again, thank you for inviting me.” ~ Derian

The Playgram evolved from November 2017 podcast with awareness of conscious language for life:
“Befriending Money on Purpose ~ Free Expansive Ideas for Growing on Your Life Journey”

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