Re-writing Your Life

Dear Lynn,
Thank you for your interview this afternoon. I just had to write and tell you how comfortable you made me feel. Giving interviews, up until now has not been my strong point. Yet your professionalism, sincere enthusiasm for who I am and what I do totally put me at ease and in fact, energized me. Very soon after you started the interview, I forgot this was a radio show. It was simply a conversation that we were having that turned out to be so much fun. Also, it was obvious that you really did your homework. Your questions were pertinent, intelligent and right from the heart. What a pleasure. You may want to consider being a mentor for other people who are considering being reporters or reporters who want to turn up their skills.
Thank you and blessings,
Junie Swadron, author of ‘Re-Write Your Life’

Junie Swadron on WomensRadio

I just listened to my 50 minute interview and I love it! I am so excited. YOU, my dear, are a fabulous interviewer. You listen so well, you ask such pertinent questions, you speak from your own life, making it even more real, and you make it so comfortable for the one who is being interviewed. That has certainly been my experience – and as I listened (and I have, as usual, a million other things to do), I couldn’t stop and listen to the rest later because I so loved it. Is my ego involved here? I don’t know. I just know I spoke from my heart, and it amazes me — I really do know my stuff. Thank you for this experience. Yours is my very first interview … well, not true, I just remembered I did some in Toronto years ago which I felt embarrassed by – but not now. Hmmm. Nice to see the growth.
Blessings, Junie Swadron

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