Gloria Lintermans

Gloria Lintermans speaks with Lynn about Stepfamily Success on WomensRadio (audio begins when you land on the page).

Dear Lynn,
Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to guest on your show ‘Living on Purpose’ to discuss the subject of step and blended families. Over a span of guesting on at least 35 radio shows over the years, I can say with some authority that you are a terrific host. You presented a warm and inviting platform which enabled me to provide our listeners with 50 minutes of important and useful information in order to improve their lives and those of their stepchildren. Perhaps one of the best, and believe me, unusual features of your show was your preparation for my interview. You actually read ‘The Secrets to Stepfamily Success’ prior to my appearance so that your questions and prompts were articulate and intelligent, setting a platform for me to bring forth what I consider to be the most important information I have for your listeners. Thank you again Lynn, you are a wonderful example of ‘Living on Purpose’.
Best personal regards,
Gloria Lintermans

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