Host + Guest + Listener

“I was driving home in my car on the way back from Campbell River scanning through the radio channels when I heard Lynn’s voice. I stopped to listen because I’d never heard anything like this on the radio. Lynn was engaging and interesting while interviewing someone who had just written a book. The conversation flowed so nicely and I could feel how genuine Lynn was through the radio. Lynn started to tell a story about stopping in Lantzville to feed a horse an apple. The way Lynn told the story combined with her tone of voice, I felt drawn in, hanging off every word and could not turn off the radio. I was hooked and looked forward to tuning in to listen every time she was on the radio. Lynn’s guests were so interesting and I would just listen to see what kind of questions she would ask. If Lynn did not have a guest I would just want to listen to her. Lynn’s outlook on life shines through and I look forward to listening again.”

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