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Lynn Thompson

Have you ever had the experience of taking a risk, stepping beyond feeling comfortable, in the process of fulfilling a long-held dream? To shift the impossible to the possible? That’s what happened for me in 2004 when the door opened to create a radio talk show “Living on Purpose”. The reality of a dream saying ‘Here I am!!’ is different than simply holding the image of it. Even though I was terrified of stepping through that door, I did! Ever since, I have been discovering a whole world of new skills (listening, speaking, audio editing) along with a network of incredible colleagues and guests revealed to me, and through “Living on Purpose”, to you. All from being willing to take one step … and then another.

Along the way, this website emerged in 2006, as a meeting place for people like you, like me, questing for purpose, meaning and connection.

You will find a variety of podcasts on these websites where I have been a contributor since 2007:



Rabble Podcast Network

As you listen to these voices, you may muse about what you would like to discuss, share, explore …

Thanks for listening and for being in touch!

Best wishes in the treasure hunt of life, each day, each person, offering us the next clue ~

~ P1300175LynnAndFriendedit

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